Bio Farmag has established an ethics committee to review the design and conduct of projects involving human research. Bio Farmag is committed to ensuring that its projects are in keeping with the Commonwealth of Australia’s National Statement on Ethical Conduct Involving Humans.

The National Statement promotes ethically good human research which ensures that research participants are treated with due respect and protection. It provides guidelines for institutions, researchers and review bodies to follow in order to identify ethical issues in the design, review and conduct of human research and ensure they are dealt with appropriately.

The Bio Farmag Human Research Ethics Committee is registered with the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Australian Health Ethics Committee.

Details of its membership, terms of reference and point of contact can be found below.

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Contact details

If you require any further information about the Bio Farmag Human Research Ethics Committee please contact the Bio Farmag Human Research Ethics Committee Executive Officer.

Executive Officer

Gloria Rodgers


Bio Farmag Limited


Level 5, 48 Hunter Street, Sydney 2000



(02) 9245 4460


(02) 9223 9622