Scientific & Medical Advisory Board (SMAB)

Bio Farmag has developed an experienced Scientific and Medical Advisory Board (SMAB), to help direct product development and clinical testing programs and to provide independent advice to the Board of Bio Farmag.

The Advisory Board will provide professional oversight and advice on the commercialisation of the Company's services to ensure they meet the expectations of the medical and patient communities. The composition of the SMAB represents key perspectives and inputs needed in our development programs from both scientists and physicians specialising in various areas of medicine, including radiology.

Specific roles for members of the Advisory Board include:

  • Collaborate with other members of the SMAB to develop methodologies and strategies for using the Bio Farmag Test to ensure its use in clinical diagnostic settings is optimised to benefit patient outcomes.
  • Advise Bio Farmag's management on appropriate internal and external strategies for communicating scientific and clinical information about the Bio Farmag Test to the medical community, government, and public.
  • Develop concepts and protocols for clinical studies which conform to Good Clinical Practice and other international trial requirements.
  • Define medical marketing approaches in alignment with best practice.
  • Advise on publication of studies in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • Assist with advising medical professionals, on how to appropriately interpret and use the Bio Farmag Test as needed.
  • Foster scientific and clinical information exchange between the medical community and Bio Farmag.
  • Provide scientific and clinical support for regulatory and clinical guideline decision makers and national professional standards committees.
  • Evaluate new technologies and opportunities.


Scientific and Medical Advisory Board Members


Bio Farmag will be represented on the SMAB by Mr Gary Corino, BSc, Chief Scientist USA and Dr Peter French, BSc, MSc, PhD, MBA, Science and Innovation Manager.
Dr French will Chair the SMAB.

Gary Corino is a protein biochemist having over 20 years research experience in protein chemistry with the CSIRO. The last ten years of that time was spent at CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology researching the structure of keratin.

Dr French is a cell and molecular biologist with a PhD awarded for characterising keratin proteins of the wool fibre. He is a past President of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Cell Biology and is a member of the Board of the International Society for Differentiation.

Two additional members of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board are Dr Ron Shnier and Dr Michael Carr, both of whom are eminent radiologists.